Sulfur Bars

Sulfur bars are Excellent natural remedies to relieve joint and muscle tension. The sulfur bars acts by absorbing the negative electrostatic energy that accumulates in the tense and painful areas of the body. In this way it causes a pleasant relaxation and a gradual relaxation. The Best natural remedy for relieving muscle tension and joint pain!

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Excellent natural remedy for relieving muscle tension and joint pain.

The sulfur bars act absorbing negative electrostatic energy that accumulates in tense and painful areas of the body. In this way, they create a pleasant distension and a gradual relaxation.

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Sulfur mineral is essentially a catalyst and it has been used in Genova (Italy) and Liguria (region of Italy) for several centuries. The sulfur’s cylinder when used on the skin rids the aching area of any excess of electrostatic energy that accumulates in it, giving immediate and long lasting relief. The Sulfur cleans our body absorbing the static electricity charge that is released into the environment as harmful radiation emitted by the appliances we use every day, eliminating the influence of magnetic fields generated by mobile and cordless phones, computers, televisions, microwave and all kind of appliances. Even clothes made mostly of synthetics. Sulfur’s bars in the form of massage applied to pass through the skin in the area affected by tension absorb this energy, neutralizing and dissipating electrostatic charges and the body, acting as an earth mineral that removes them. Sulfur cleans our energy bodies and unlock the chakras, so it is advisable to spend a few bars of Sulfur before Reiki or others holistic treatments.

The bars of sulfur, as all minerals possess healing properties and balancing, have the ability to absorb the static electricity by passing a bar trough the affected area as this can be heard crackling and sometimes broken in two or more parties, as they collapse. The used bars must be discharged and cleaned with water for two minutes and then will  be dry and stored in a dry place.

During summer when is very hot, we suggest to use sulfur bars  cold, so you can keep 10 minutes before use in the fridge.

In case of discomfort produced by headaches, cramps and bruises in every kind of sport, sulfur massage induces a feeling of general well-being almost immediately. Ideal for chronic back problems and joints.