Crystal of potassium

It is a natural mineral against bad smell, eliminates the bad odor from all parts of the body where the sweat is formed without creating irritation or clogging the pores of the skin. Used wet with water and rubbed on the parts which form the bad smell, it's ideal for armpits, groin areas and exceptional for feet and hands that sweat!

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5,00 €

  • Mineral (200 gr)
  • Stick (120 gr)
  • Ministick (60 gr)

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Natural mineral anti-fragrant.

It is essentially a natural antibacterial.
Used since ancient times in Asia, is one hundred percent natural.
It is hypoallergenic and therefore it can be used for all skin types.
It protects for more than 24 hours and can be used with perfume because it is odorless.
It does not leave marks on the skin.

Wet the stone with water and move carefully on stakeholders.
It can be used for labial herpes; it promotes tissue healing in case of small cuts or abrasions; to eliminate the smell of fish, garlic and onion on hands. To eliminate wash hands rubbing the stone from del fingers; the bad smell disappears.
It can be used after shaving to prevent irritation as an antiseptic.
It can be used by the whole family; it is cheap and has a long duration.
It is ecological because doesn't produce any gas or chemicals residues.
Our alum stone does not contain alum hydrochloride.
It is a natural product imported from Italy.